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Media House International’s leadership team can be contacted directly by email or mobile:

  • Jack Irvine:+44 (0) 7860 457456
  • Ramsay Smith:+44 (0) 7788 414856
  • Gary McQueen:+44 (0) 7834 694609
  • Lorna Gardner:+44 (0) 7813 193618
  • Caroline Middleton Gordon:+44 (0) 7759 258844
  • Angela Guy:+44 (0) 7795 976373
  • Sophie Ross:+44 (0) 7555 367651

Ramsay Smith

Executive Director

As part of the senior management team at Media House International, Ramsay has provided advice to corporate and individual clients across a range of business sectors.

He has a long established reputation of providing strategic advice to rural land owners and the estate management sector as a result of his rural business communications expertise.

He has been an adviser in high-profile insolvency cases as well as providing corporate communications, crisis management and political counsel to national and international companies.

Ramsay worked in the UK newspaper industry at the highest level for 25 years, prior to joining Media House.

As a renowned Fleet Street journalist, he covered assignments across the world and was a senior editor with The Daily Mail and Scotsman newspapers. He retains high-level media contacts throughout the UK and is a board member of The Journalists’ Charity as well as a published author.


Call: + 44 (0) 7788 414856