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The MHI team are working as normal during the global pandemic and can be contacted by email or mobile.

  • Jack Irvine:+ 44 (0) 7860 457456
  • Ramsay Smith:+ 44 (0) 7788 414856
  • Gary McQueen:+ 44 (0) 7834 694609
  • Lorna Gardner: + 44 (0) 7813 193618
  • Caroline Middleton Gordon: + 44 (0) 7759 258844
  • Sophie Ross: + 44 (0) 7555 367651

Experts in the field

Public Relations, Crisis Management and Public Affairs

Media House International is a full-service, global public relations company based in Scotland. We are best known for crisis management and public affairs. Executive Chairman Jack Irvine leads the MHI teams on these two disciplines.

Over the years, our crisis work has seen us involved with a variety of industries including Scotch whisky, transport, leisure and hotels.

Our varied client base includes household names such as Wm Grant & Sons, Stagecoach Holdings, McGill’s Buses, Bourne Leisure, Butlins, Haven Holidays, Hilton International, Bank of Scotland and Rangers Football Club.

Our media relations services are underpinned by our close links with journalists, editors and proprietors of media organisations. Media House International’s highly experienced leadership team offers clients the best chance of establishing and maintaining a positive and productive relationship with the media.

Main board director Ramsay Smith has built rural business communications over the past decade and he is now is the market leader in understanding the challenges facing the land-owning community, especially in Scotland.

With litigation support, Media House International is very proud of the close working relation it enjoys with several leading law firms in London, Scotland, the Caribbean and the USA. It would be accurate to say that we see each other as partners and we work as a team to achieve the best possible results for international clients and high net worth individuals.

Our media and social media training – despite coming under the same heading – are two very different beasts. The latter shows clients how best to engage with platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and how to use analytic tools to maximise online performance. The former is one-on-one tuition on how a client can handle hostile media interviews, especially in a crisis and who will, or will not in a corporate body, demonstrate the skills required to face a grilling on primetime TV.

An associated discipline is online reputation management which counteracts misleading search-engine results and builds a positive brand image for you and your company.

Both social media training and online reputation management fall within our digital services management package, which helps clients to stay connected to their target audiences.

Our marketing communications service can sure that your corporate message is concise and on-target, whatever the arena.

Our communications audit is a valuable tool for company leaders to determine whether their internal PR team is getting their message across and performing in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Interestingly, Media House International’s experience is that many other issues are thrown up by this in-depth audit, many of which will need further action by management who until then were unaware of them.

With research, we feel it is essential for our clients to be up to date with the latest business and political intelligence. Marketing Communications sees us offering expert advice on projects involving both PR and marketing skills.