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Research and Commercial Intelligence

Commercial and political research and intelligence

We regard research and commercial intelligence as vital to giving our clients competitive edge. We have always ensured that they are armed with the knowledge they need to work effectively.

Whether it is a nationwide opinion poll, an online employee survey or a comprehensive industry analysis we have the resources to provide clear, concise and useful information to underpin your day-to-day decisions and communication activities.

Our research is carried out by the cream of British graduates with a sound academic grounding in politics, international relations and economics. We also partner with more specialised intelligence gatherers and analysts in the tax, money-laundering and banking spheres.

Nowhere was this seen to function more successfully than in two UK General Elections where our analysis on the ground of political priorities and voting preferences in 100 English constituencies put us months ahead of all national pollsters and highlighted weak spots in candidate behaviour.

We also carry out in-depth research for major corporates in preparation for takeovers or to resist hostile attacks from rival companies.

Media House International cannot emphasise enough that research is never wasted when conflict is looming, either for companies, high-net-worth individuals or institutions.

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