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The MHI team are working as normal during the global pandemic and can be contacted by email or mobile.

  • Jack Irvine:+ 44 (0) 7860 457456
  • Ramsay Smith:+ 44 (0) 7788 414856
  • Gary McQueen:+ 44 (0) 7834 694609
  • Lorna Gardner: + 44 (0) 7813 193618
  • Caroline Middleton Gordon: + 44 (0) 7759 258844
  • Sophie Ross: + 44 (0) 7555 367651

Media Relations

Media relations – national and international

Media House International has established strong links with journalists, editors and proprietors of media organisations.

At a time of instant 24-hour news, it is vital for a client’s newsworthy message, story or information to be conveyed using the most appropriate media outlet.

Our media relations consultants interact with the media world on a daily basis. This helps us to develop the most effective media plans for a wide range of companies at a local, national or international level.

We work with – and not against – the media. Having strong and enduring relationships with journalists and editors ensures the best way to influence the news.

Media House International maintains close relations with journalists and editors

Our media strategies are designed to manage and create positive perceptions of our clients in the public eye.

Media House International maintains close relations with journalists and editors across a wide range of media outlets.

Our senior staff and directors have developed strong professional relationships with reporters, journalists and editors.

Media House International’s leaders have all held senior management and editorial positions providing a clear insight into the industry mindset.

Considering the significant commercial challenges faced by traditional media outlets, and the proliferation of “fake news”,’ a knowledgeable understanding of the media landscape is essential.

Media House International’s highly experienced leadership team offers clients the best chance of establishing and maintaining a positive and productive relationship with the media.

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