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If you want to know the truth about the offshore world, listen to Anthony Travers

BY JACK IRVINE20 November, 2017
Cayman Islands capital George Town offshore tax debate

CAYMAN ISLANDS … there is a hugely successful partnership between offshore jurisdictions and the City of London, which is viewed with jealousy by the EU

First there were the Panama Papers and now more recently the Paradise Papers. This mass journalistic exercise, or, to be more accurate, theft, springs from the fevered brows of  the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Basically their thrust is that if every government in the world was daft and greedy enough to tax their citizens until their pips squeaked, the planet would be a happier place and poverty would vanish forever.

Yeah, sure it would!

Predictably, the avocado toast and we-love Jeremy-Corbyn brigade at The Guardian and BBC were all over this like a rash.

The socialist storm troopers of Christian Aid and Oxfam couldn’t contain themselves, despite trying to convince us every five minutes that they are not really political.

Anyway, why listen to me when you can read a scintillating defenestration of the enemies of tax-neutral countries like the Cayman Islands, Jersey, Guernsey et al by Anthony Travers in a letter to the Cayman Compass, the islands’ most respected news source.

Mr Travers OBE, is the lawyer who is regarded as the world’s most knowledgeable practitioner in this incredibly complex field.

So complex, it is blindingly obvious that 99.9% of journalists don’t understand it. Nor do most politicians, including our former Prime Minister and his Chancellor.

And for you brave Brexiteers, you will be delighted to read Mr Travers’ views on the abject jealousy of the EU as regards the hugely successful partnership between the offshore world and the City of London.

His plans for dealing with the EU politburo should serve as an inspiration to our current Prime Minister – if she can ever get off her knees.