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Bourne Leisure

Strategic communications advice for one of Europe’s largest leisure companies

Bourne Leisure is one of our longest-standing clients, and one of Europe’s largest private independent leisure companies.

Bourne Leisure owns Butlins, Haven and Warner Leisure Hotels, and is considered an institution amongst generations of British holidaymakers.

Our team at Media House International have provided strategic communications advice directly to the owners of the private company, and we have helped Bourne Leisure navigate through a number of difficult situations over the years.

We have also assisted with a number of special projects for Bourne Leisure. Our team are currently assisting the company in their ongoing fight to save the beach at Hopton-On-Sea, a popular village in the county of Norfolk.

This has been a multi-million-pound project, and Media House continues to work closely with Bourne Leisure’s legal and planning advisers to ensure a satisfactory resolution.